Saturday, 27 June 2015

Blanket Making Heaven :)

Its been a while...I have to start by saying I have been struggling but I'm working through it! the dreaded MENOPAUSE has hit...I was hoping it would pass by without a hitch (as I'd had "the Op") so at the moment this poster is very apt! :)

That aside it has helped that I have been in blanket making heaven :) I have finished the blanket for my eldest Grandson J...which in fact turned out to be very retro, very 70's inspired

 The photo doesn't really do it justice as it looks much nicer in real life!
I thought I would share with you things that give me inspiration for the colour schemes, J's blanket was very much out of my comfort zone with dark shades of blue, green and gold but he didn't want anything girlie...which is understandable so it was lovely to get back to my favourite colours again with the next blanket, which I have called Heather Haze which was taken from a photo I saw of heather growing on a hillside as the sun was setting, all those beautiful hues of purples, greens and pinks...heavenly to me!
Using my colour sample squares I pulled out the colours from the photo and got started...I had already done this process a few weeks ago so was able to order the wool the same time I did for J's hook in hand I got going straightaway :) from the samples I had decided on originally I did add a light blue to mix as well.  I had decided on my last round colour and the joining colour being the same so kept that colour out of the mix for the squares.  I chose to do a six round granny square, as you can see I make all the middles using all six colours, then move them on one, to the next ball of wool and complete the second round, keep moving them around until you have completed all six round, using all six colours, then you have your first 6 granny squares all different.  I then take out 1 or 2 colours and replace them with 1 or 2 new ones, mix up the colour sequence and start again, so you end up with a delightful mix of pretty squares (its also a great way to use up the odd bits of left over wool in your stash)
And Tah-Dah here is the finished blanket...

I joined all the squares using the continuous joining method...the first time I had ever tried this...I found a video on YouTube ( don't you just love YouTube? I learn so much ) which showed the diagram and method...a little complicated at first but once you get going the method soon makes sense and it was so quick and looks so tidy :) the border is just rows of dc using the different colours finishing with the joining colour to keep it cohesive.

So now that one is complete I have started the next...a much lighter colour scheme and its very much a WIP (work in progress) as I'm making the pattern up as I go will keep it under wraps until my brain has decided which way its going...ha ha

I'm an avid Pinterest person and came across this cushion...I just love the colours...very much my style, I know some people like the very bright colours but for me the vintage, softer muted tones are much more my cup of tea :)

I think this lady has done a lovely project with this cushion and yet another great idea for using up the leftovers :)

This week I purchased a new book, and Simply Crochet had a free blanket booklet....heaven help my poor many many projects waiting to pop out.  This will be my weekend reading in the garden...happy days!

Well I suppose I'd better get on...I will leave you with the quote I am trying to instil in myself at the moment.......

Very apt for the way I have been feeling ha ha xx

Till next time....take care....xx

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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Breezy Sunny Days :)

This week has been one of those easy, carefree weeks...nothing that  needs too much attention.  Its been very sunny and beautifully warm but very breezy at the same time...its been lovely being able to have all the windows open wide letting in all that fresh air, a cooling breeze blowing through...I have wind chimes and Buddhist Bells hanging in every window and they have been tinkling along all day long filling the air with little tunes and reminding me that the Chi is flowing and I can really feel the difference in our home this week...much more relaxed :)  I am a very spiritual person, my Reiki and Feng Shui are part of my every day life and its just been the best thing this week letting in all the sunshine, warmth and winds of summer....

The two blankets that were in the post to their new owners arrived safe and sound and the feedback was lovely, it makes my heart happy when someone is pleased with their purchase and knowing that they will love their new item.

I have finished off the blanket I started using the Lily Pond Pack, that just needs labelling up and then it will be up for sale...I think this time in my Etsy shop. 


 I have "played" with all the little odd ends of wool too this week and made myself a colour chart and I just love it!

Today has been spent in the garden, there was soooooo much to do but its all tidy now and looking spick and span shoulders are a little pink!!!! (it was very sunny)

It will soon be time to take puppy dog out so best cover up those shoulders....then it will be time to get back to the latest project...the blanket for my grandson....I have decided on blues, greens, beige and grey and its turning out quite a retro 70's vibe which I am really liking....what do you think?

Well home has definitely been my happy place this week...but so has this!!!

Lets see where next week takes us, I hope you have all had a perfect weekend and that that perfection carries on into the coming week...see you all next weekend xxxxx